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Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers make excellent companions or family pets. These intelligent dogs adapt to your lifestyle and are a loving addition to any family. Trainable and alert, affectionate and hypoallergenic, this breed is bred to enrich your home and family.

With a Biewer or Yorkshire Terrier puppy from US Prestigious Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers, you can be sure that you’re investing in a dog with the healthy genes to be an active part of your family for years to come. A Biewer or Yorkshire Terriers pup from one of our litters is bred to last.

Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers Puppies for Sale

We test the DNA of every dam and sire in our breeding stock, in addition to 210 other tests. This is to ensure that every puppy born is as healthy as possible. Our puppies come with a lifetime health guarantee, so you can be assured the new life in your home comes from reputable breeders and have the peace of mind that accompanies that guarantee.

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