Adults For Sale I'm sorry we dont have any adult dogs for sale at the moment.

Here at US Prestigious Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers we fix all of our adult dogs at around 4-6 years old and place them into pet homes to live the rest of their lives in a quality one on one family environment. We do not believe in breeding a dog for their entire life. Sometimes we have even younger adults for sale as well.


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I do not take my dogs out for walks as they can bring back parvo or distemper and that can be catastrophic for puppies. So my dogs don't know how to walk on a leash but will learn quickly as this breed is super smart. My dogs here are free-fed so they eat what they want when they want. They eat PawTree's real whitefish & brown rice recipe which is poultry free and has healthy grains. He is not potty trained yet. I recommend using what are called belly bands on him until he gets adjusted to the new home and learns where the potty is to be made. This dog is in TX so if you are not local you will need to pay $450 for a nanny or cargo to take the dog to your nearest largest airport.  If you are picking up in person cash is required upon pickup.