Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier Sizes

What Sizes Do Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers Come In?

Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier's generally comes in a standard toy size of 4-8 lbs, they can be as large as 9-11 lbs or as small as 2-5 lbs.

Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers- height at the withers is the same as the height at the croup, measuring 7 to 11 inches, with weight being 4 to 8 pounds. Proportion - Length of body from pro sternum to ischium is longer than over all height, making the dog not square although square is acceptable. "from AKC"

If a Biewer or Yorkshire Terrier is smaller or larger than this requirement, it is considered a fault by the American Kennel Club. Which just means they can not enter the show ring for competition.

Teacup size Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier should weigh between 2 –5 pounds and stand 6-11 inches tall from shoulders to the floor. Large Toy sized Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers should weigh 8-11 lbs and stand 10-12" tall from withers to floor. Evidently, anything  weighing 2-3 lbs on the smaller side or 8-11 on the larger end as an adult can not be “show dogs.” However, they can still enter other competitions such as agility, fly-ball and so on. Also, they can still have “champion bloodlines” in their pedigree if any of their past relatives met the requirements and completed the show competition with a championship title.

Keep in mind that teacup & large toy sizes are still Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers. There is no separate classification for the teacup sizes or larger toy sizes as of yet. This means when you register a “teacup or large toy schnauzer” their registration papers will show as a purebred Biewer or Yorkshire Terrier. The word “teacup” and “large toy” is just a breeders term referring to their smaller or larger estimated adult size.

The Teacup Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier

Hight: 6-8 inches

Weight: (2-5 Lbs)

The standard Toy Sized Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier

Hight: 7-11 inches

Weight: (4-7Lbs)

The Large -Toy sized Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier

Hight: 12-13 inches

Weight: (9-11 Lbs)

These are the average estimates on height and weight. Everyone seems to have there own opinion on this matter.

Are They Purebred AKC Registerable Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier's?

YES. I have Tea Cups and Large Toys they are all AKC purebred registered dogs.

Is There Any Health Issues or Difference In Personality?

These smaller puppies are NOT smaller because they are unhealthy runts. They are smaller because of the smaller DNA gene that is in their lineage. If you research ANY breed of dog down to its original origin, you will find that every kind (in its beginning) was crossed with another breed to create the “purebred” it currently is. All my Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier's no matter the size have the same sweet temperament & demeanor. The only real difference is in TeaCups they can have more fragile legs that can easily get broken if stepped on or accidentally kicked. That is why we recommend that people don't have small children or giant size dog breeds if they wish to own a Teacup Sized Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier. Also TeaCups can have hypoglycemia, not all TeaCups have this issue but some do. This usually occurs from 6 weeks old and they usually grow out of it by 16 weeks old. This is why we don't let TeaCups go home until they are 16 weeks or older, unless they are on hard kibble and I I feel comfortable letting them go home.