Common Health Issues in Puppies

All of our dogs have been tested for genetic issues and have all tested non affected for any issue. We test all of our adults before breeding them and have all of their reports listed under the sires and dames page for your convenience.

We still offer an extended health guarantee that covers any genetic, hereditary, or congenital birth defect for the lifetime of your pet.




If you are thinking about bringing a new puppy into your home, it is imperative that you educate yourself on the health issues that puppies can contract. That way you can take extra preventative care to make sure your puppy does not get sick.

Please keep in mind that U.S. Prestigious Canines has adequately wormed every puppy against tape, round, hook, whip, & heart-worms. We have also given preventative against coccidia and giardia. Even though we have done everything possible as responsible breeders to prevent these internal issues, they are still a very common occurrence in general no matter the breeder or program. It is up to you to give flea and tick preventative. And mites have never been an issue for any of our pets. We have provided the puppies first core vaccines, but it is


that you finish giving them the other three sets. If you do not do this, the puppy can get life-threatening viruses such as parvovirus or distemper and die.