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Breeding & Raising Therapy/Companion Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers

Breeding & Raising Therapy/Companion Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers

Hello everybody, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about us. We are a large family who dedicate our time to fully providing our dogs with whatever they may need to live full happy lives. Our family consists of myself, my husband, 5 of our children, my mother, father, and grandmother. We also have 3 family members in California and a full-time staff to aid with the daily upkeep. We each have our own sets of dogs for sale and for your convenience, one website is shared between us, so you can preview all available puppies in one area.

By taking pride in our lines and loving each puppy as our own, we have become a cornerstone in the Biewer & Yorkie world. Parents are always living on-site indoors. When dames are in their 4th week of gestation, an ultrasound is performed to determine if they are pregnant and how many babies they may be having. After birth, all pups are examined and altered by my vet at no extra cost to you. We even give you a lifetime guarantee on the puppy if you keep them on the same food/vitamin regime we use!

*Should you have any concerns about a puppy being altered at 8 weeks of age, please feel free to click on any RED LISTED link below for more information on the actual facts vs. Myths over the “spay and neuter” controversy.   This will lead you to truthful sites that have credible information based on real studies and not speculations. College taught me to only use links ending in .Org/.Gov/and.Edu and never from a .com website, as the prior is the only place you can read reputable quality information.

You can also call my veterinarian Dr. Beck anytime at Hometown Veterinary Services in Teague Texas (903) 644-5246  

Should you choose to not have your pup fixed, you will just need to pay  a non-refundable $1,000 breeding rights fee on non-rare coat colors

Here at US Prestigious Biewer & Yorkshire Terriers, we put our heart and souls into our dogs making it our main goal to give you only the best.  Anyone can become a backyard breeder to make a quick buck, but as soon as you contact us you will be reassured of the absolute love we have for our dogs. This is a full-time job that requires patience, care, and understanding 100% of the time.  By implementing these behaviors, we can guarantee you the best quality therapy/companion dogs out there. Our babies only come from the purest bloodlines and the utmost attention is paid to the heritage, health, and disposition of our dogs. This ensures only the finest qualities are bread into our puppies.

About Us

Animals captivated my heart at an early age, as my entire career has been animal-based. At the young age of 12, I began volunteering at stables and shelters so that I could be close to animals. I was elated to land my first job at a grooming salon.  My title was only a bather, but I was lucky enough for my boss to teach me several grooming techniques. Soon after, I was lucky enough to acquire work in veterinary hospitals where I readily absorbed everything I could since it was just so fascinating to me.

After settling down with my wonderful husband, I decided to start a family business breeding Yorkies & Biewers.  They are fantastic animals and have amazing temperaments I treat them like my children because they are all family. This being our only “job” allows us to be on site and socialize our puppies daily. All are born and raised indoors and watched over carefully by our family. We take pride in them, and it shows through our breeding program.

A family posing for a picture in the grass.

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*   All of our puppies now come spayed or neutered (unless breeding rights are being purchased to preserve bloodlines or if it's a teacup as it is too small).

* No house visits to see puppies are allowed until they are at least six weeks old and have at least one vaccine for their safety.

*   No dogs are allowed on my premises. Please do not bring them along on your visit to see my pups.

*   If I don't have what you want, and you don't want to wait for one to be born, please let me know. I may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

*   I have several delivery options if needed.

All health guarantees will be null and void if the buyer does not register the microchip within 30 days of getting their puppy; we want our puppies found if they get lost. Please do not forget to register the chip and add the breeder as the alternate contact

If you choose to use Banfield Pet Hospital or VCA as your vet, we will not under any circumstances keep any warranty or health guarantee in good standing whatsoever. We do not agree with their practices or forms of healthcare whatsoever. So, you are advised to find a different vet as your primary care vet doctor ASAP.



  • We no longer allow walk-throughs of our facility for the safety and comfort of our dogs. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other pathogens can unintentionally be brought in on clothing, shoes, and other personal items that can be detrimental to our baby's health and well-being. Also, it stresses any animal out when strangers come into their home. We do have pictures posted on our website for your convenience. Hover over the home button and under the drop-down menu click on facility. Thank you for understanding.



  • Please check out the upcoming litter's page to learn more.
  • We now offer to pay cash upon pickup of your puppy in person via our nanny. There are so many scams going on nowadays this should be able to ease your minds about having to pay in full upfront before the puppy is delivered to you. All you need to do is place a deposit of $300, then the remainder will be due in cash when meeting the nanny at the airport with your new baby if you are not local to us.


We now offer to pay cash upon pickup of your puppy in person via our nanny. There are so many scams going on nowadays this should be able to ease your minds about having to pay upfront before the puppy is delivered to you. All you need to do is place a deposit of 300 upfront then the remainder will be due in cash when meeting the nanny at the airport with your new baby.

Everyone who has placed a deposit for upcoming litters will get to choose once it's their turn, in the order, their deposit was received, as soon as a puppy is 2 weeks old meeting their criteria. Please don’t ask what number you are or how close you are every so often as I don't go by numbers because numbers don't mean much. I go by a time frame. Numbers don't mean much because everyone has their own preference in gender color and size and if I have 15 white pups and the first 15 people don't want white they all get skipped. Just because I have so many puppies born it does not mean all the people in front of you will choose them and make your turn sooner. Once we have a puppy for you we will let you know and you will have 2 months to prepare for it before it goes home to you. The reason for this is that if all of my deposit buyers asked this every month or even every few months or so it would be quite overwhelming especially if I had 76-80 people on my deposit waiting list. Thank you so much for understanding. I keep you updated by email updates every so often letting you know what's going on in our business. I know this is very important to you and you are all super excited about getting a puppy from us but please patiently wait your turn, I promise it will be worth the wait and we will get you something in due time. ;-). Once you have chosen a puppy we keep you updated with photos and videos every two-four weeks.

All of our dogs have been tested for (Over 200+ different genetic issues). The results are posted under each dog's name and picture on the sires and dames page under the button that says our dogs, for your convenience.

We still offer an extended health guarantee covering any life-threatening genetic, hereditary, or birth defects for the lifetime of your pet.


Each and every one of our puppies starts early neurological stimulation from 4-16 days old. Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises.

Here’s what early neurological stimulation does for your puppy long term:

  • Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)
  • Stronger heartbeats
  • Stronger adrenal glands
  • More tolerance to stress
  • Greater resistance to disease.

Please visit the puppy development page for more information.

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  • Arizona
  • California
  • * ​Canada *
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
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Some colors can only be registered via mail or email to colors@akc.org. If you choose to email, you must upload the front and backside of the filled-out registration and two pictures of the dog, one front view & 1 side view.

If you register with APRI all you need to do is register it online in whatever color the dog is, they make things so much easier. 

Biewer Terriers

  • Black Tan & White 030 - (register online AKC))
  • Blue Tan & White 291 - (register online AKC)
  • Chocolate Tan & White 270 - (e-mail/mail-in)

Yorkshire Terriers

  • Black & Tan 018 - (register online AKC)
  • Blue & Gold 041 - (register online AKC)
  • Blue & Tan 044 - (register online AKC)
  • Black & Gold 234 - (register online AKC)
  • Chocolate & Tan- (e-mail/mail-in)
  • Chocolate - (e-mail/mail-in)
  • Black - (e-mail/mail-in)
  • Merle - (e-mail/mail-in)

Documents & Forms

Deposit Form

Sales Agreement

Puppy Package

Puppy Application


  • Our deposits are $300, this goes towards the puppies price and will hold a spot in line for you.
  • We take all major credit cards through the Square Reader if you choose to do so. I will need to add 2.75% to your total when swiping, tapping, or dipping your card in person. When entering the card information manually, I will need to add 3.5% extra to your total. If sending an invoice 2.9% will be added.
  • You can also deposit money into my bank account to save the extra charges from Square or you can send a money order, or cashiers check in my name.
  • I also accept Zelle or Venmo which is free.
  • I do not accept PayPal any longer im very sorry. I have had several issues with them. They will no longer get any business from me.

Testimonials from our Schnauzer Buyers, until we have our first litter.

The Freitas's from TX


We purchased a male puppy from Brittany at USPC of Texas after doing an insane amount of research. We wanted to ensure we picked a reputable and responsible breeder, and above all try to ensure we got a good dog that my family could enjoy for years and years. We hadn't had a dog for 10 years and the last experience unfortunately did not end positively. Add to that that we aren't the biggest animal people, we were VERY careful and purposed with this process. Our kids (pre-teens and a toddler) had been begging for three years for a puppy, so we decided to finally cave. We had a very well-known dog trainer that we consulted for advice tell us for our daughter's severe allergies, our lifestyle, etc. After looking, I found Brittany and she was incredible from the start! She answered SO MANY of my questions, her website is incredibly informative and helpful and she talked to me on the phone twice all BEFORE I even put down a deposit! Once we picked Odie, we got updated pictures every 2 weeks till we got him at almost 9 weeks. This really helped our family to see him grow and bond with him before he arrived. Now that he is here we can't imagine life without him. He has an INCREDIBLE personality and he makes our lives so much sweeter! You can tell these babies come from love from the moment they arrive. In fact, my husband and I are probably more attached than the kids and that is saying something LOL! We have even talked about waiting a year and getting one more puppy from Brittany so Odie can have a friend. Being from Cali I was nervous about getting a dog from Texas, but with the flight nanny (LOVED Dorian!), and the responsive communication with Brittany, the whole process was seamless. I truly can't say enough about it, Odie is that amazing! We keep saying...he's made 2020 AMAZING! Thank you Brittany so much:)

The Triolo's in TX


Best experience. After a year of researching breeds and breeders, we came upon USPC. What a blessing! We were able to visit her central Texas location and were wowed by the professionalism of Brittany. We appreciate the DNA testing and dedication she has to the breed. We went to meet her and place a deposit but were so impressed we came home with the most beautiful Liver Merle puppy with light eyes. She is perfection. Her mega coat is soft as a bunny but silkier. We love her personality and disposition. It is obvious how much time was spent socializing, grooming, and caring for her before she joined our family.

If you are considering a Yorkie, I highly recommend USPC and Brittany. By far the best in Texas.

The Gomez Family

My daughters and I suffer from pet allergies, therefore we can only have hypoallergenic dog breeds in our home. We have an elderly shih-tzu who is slowly deteriorating, so we made the decision to seek out a puppy to add to our family. After researching hypoallergenic dog breeds, we fell in love with this breed. I googled local breeders and found USPC in Yucca Valley, CA. I took my daughters to visit Brittany’s home and allow them an opportunity to engage with her puppies. I wanted to be 100% sure they would not have an allergic reaction. Fortunately, all went well and before we knew it, we put down a deposit for the next upcoming litter. A few short months later we brought home an eight-week-old, chocolate-brown, male and name him “Jasper”. Brittany provided all the documentation that we would need to care for him in our home, keep him healthy and safe, and was available to answer questions via text or phone call as needed. She provides a dog food account that can be easily transferred over to the new owners, along with the recommended vitamin intake for this particular breed. Our vet was particularly impressed with the packet of documentation that accompanied Jasper and complimented us on selecting a legitimate breeder. She provides AKC registration, ensures to “chip” each puppy before they go home, and has their dewclaws clipped and the first round of shots completed. Jasper is the heartbeat of our home and one of the best investments we’ve ever made. I highly recommend Brittany and USPC if you are in the market for an adorable, loving, and well-bred puppy.

The Kelso Family

In February of this year I was searching for a miniature schnauzer after my last baby got sick. I was on the AKC website and came across SoCal Schnauzers. Within minutes of sending a message to find out if there were any availabilities for puppies, I received a phone call from Brittany. She was so sweet and very informative. As soon as the puppies were born she sent me a message and let me know about photos being posted. She has been so gracious since our first contact. She sends me videos of my baby girl, Riley. Not to mention, she welcomes me to her home to visit Riley often. She shows so much love and dedication to her all of her pups, and cares so much for all of them. Thank you so much, Brittany, for everything!

The Smith's

(Dogs) Frankie, Nikki, & Phyllis

Brittany is amazing! She raises her dogs with such love and care that they come to you so full of love its a joy. She makes the purchasing process very pleasant and provides all the info needed to be sure you are getting a healthy pet.
She is available for questions whenever needed and makes sure your new addition is doing well when they go to their new home.
You couldn’t find a better breeder of schnauzers.
We’ve raised 5 schnauzers past and present and I can honestly say Brittany breeds awesome dogs.
Thanks Brittany.

Love The Anderson's

We recently purchased a very cute salt and pepper miniature schnauzer from Brittany with SoCal Schnauzers. We had never purchased a full breed dog and knew nothing about the process. Brittany displayed exceptional patience, knowledge, experience and professionalism during the entire purchasing process. During our initial visit to her breeding location, it was very apparent that Brittany cared about the puppies as a first priority. She really wants the puppies to go to a loving home. We asked way too many questions and Brittany answered everyone of them. She still is available for questions now that the puppy is home. We love our new puppy and I strongly recommend Brittany and SoCal Schnauzers, particularly if it is your first time purchasing a full breed Schnauzer. Brittany will treat you like family.

The Boyd Family

I don’t know if there’s any words that could truly explain my feelings regarding SoCal Schnauzers other than truly amazing!!! From start to finish the process was a breeze. I submitted my application in August of 2018 and the very next day Brittany called me. I was in awe at her quick response. She was so pleasant to speak with, she honestly made me feel like I’ve known her for a very long time. Brittany always kept me updated regarding the process and what to expect. Yesterday 2/2/2019, we drove down from Northern California to Southern California to pick up our baby in the mist of a California storm. As we were on the road Brittany kept checking on us to make sure we were okay, since the weather was horrible. And when we arrived Brittany welcomed us into her home with open arms. She made us feel like we were old friends that haven’t seen each other in a long time...You can see how much love & passion that she has for her puppies. It’s definitely not about the money to her it’s about connecting families with a great companion. She truly LOVES what she does and you can definitely tell by the way she cares for her pups. When I first held my pup I instantly fell in love. We received a puppy pack that was filled with many goodies to get us started. And the icing on the cake was the birth certificate and the family history certificate that you receive for your pup, I was like OH MY Goodness you can’t get any better than this... And once we arrived home with our pup who we named Winter walked out of her kennel and my soon to be 10 year old daughter busted out in tears (gosh I wish I recorded that) and all she kept saying was “She’s so beautiful”.... My daughter Jordynn will be 10 years old on February 9th and she said this is the best gift ever! Brittany (SoCal Schnauzers) thank you so much for making my entire household feel special! You are the BEST!

Here’s Winter Boyd.
Parents: Sarah O’Brien (Mother)
Prince Richard (Father)

If you are looking for a professional breeder you can’t go wrong with SoCal Schnauzers!!!

The Betting family

Dear Brittany,We can not express how happy we are with our little Eva! She is energetic full of life so much fun and has brought such joy into our lives. The Vet was very impressed with how well the puppy was taken care of the documentation, and how she was already microchipped when she was brought in a very healthy little girl! Everywhere we have gone we get stopped and asked a million questions where she came from, what breed she is and I’m proud to say that we got her from SoCal Schnauzers! Thank you so much for what you do, you do it well! Keep rocking it! Love, The Betting family

The Ward Family

My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of SoCal Schnauzers. Brittany is the most professional, knowledgeable and kind breeder and we feel so lucky to have come acrosss her after lots of trial and error in our puppy search. Our little guy has the sweetest temperment - he is energetic, outgoing and playful but at the same time is a total snuggler that loves to be loved. Furthermore our dog is unbelievably cute. Not to brag, but we literally get stopped every day by other dog lovers asking about our little man/wanting to take pictures! Brittany's keen eye and hard work when it comes to breeding shines through in every way. My advise for anybody in the market for a miniature schnauzer is to stop your search and go to the best at SoCal Schnauzers. You will not be disappointed and will be very happy with your decision!

From The Nygren's


We lost our 14 year old Miniature schnauzer this past November. My husband and I were heartbroken,, we never lost a pet before! Tom did his research without telling me and then once decided that's what he wants for his 75th birthday I totally agreed, there couldn't be a better gift than having another Schnauzer in our lives! Our Bella was available right away, so we took a road trip from Las Vegas to Yucca CA to meet this lil gem! Brittany was very accommodating all the way through this exciting process! she is very professional, personable and definitely an incredible breeder! We now have Bella at her new home in Las Vegas for 6 days, she is beautifully adjusted! In this short time, she has been spayed, fully potty trained in our backyard, eating her new food and healing incredibly well! We fell in love with all of Brittany's puppies, that we decided to commit to another puppy in the near future! Thank You, Brittany, for doing such an incredible job breeding these amazingly healthy, smart Schnauzers so they can fill many people's hearts with so much Joy.

The Mecado's


Our family experience with SoCal Schnauzers was simply exceptional. Britany Price’s work experience makes her a truly loving, caring and nurturing breeder. She loves what she does best and doesn’t do it solely driven for profit. I truly respect all her hard work because not only she is a mother of five beautiful girls, but she manages to also care for all of her sires, dames and pups which she loves. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her job; the perfect combination to trust in everything she does. As busy as her life is, she will always be there for anyone to answer questions and manage crazy business hours if she needs to. I recommend anyone out there in search of a beautiful schnauzer to Brittany Price at SoCal Schnauzers. Even if the drive is a little far from wherever you are; it’s totally worth it, for you know your puppy will be in great hands while you are waiting to bring it home. Thank you Brittany for all the great job you do!!! And thank you so much for our Rocket! We are very happy we chose you. You are simply the best!

The Hary's

Brittany was wonderful! She helped me get the puppy I was searching for. Had no problem answering my millions of questions and was always available to do so. She stayed in constant contact to let me know when one of her babies would have babies and about how many. I would hold my breath until I found out what they had and if the sex/color was what I had been looking for. Brittany is the only breeder I came across that actually took the time to answer all my emails! For this I highly recommend her to everyone! My little Angel is 100% healthy and just the love of my life. At six months old now even the vet is impressed! Thank you so much, Brittany and SoCal Schnauzers. When I am ready for a new baby I will definitely be coming back to you. Love, the Hary's

From The Ghazi's

The best puppy my family has ever had. Brittney Price does an exceptional job in breeding, nurturing, & caring for her puppies. Her home is a clean & safe environment as well as welcoming when we received our puppy. She went above & beyond in keeping up updated with calls, texts, & pictures since our puppies birth and through our pick up date. We appreciate the follow up support and calls even a year later. The best & smartest & healthiest puppy our family has ever had. Highly Recommend!!!

The Rassveld Family

We found Britney on a local FB page announcing a litter with strong hopes of a white pup. She kept us informed the whole time and even though Sophie didn't produce any white females we choose a beautiful salt and pepper female. Britney invited us over to pick our pup. Her home was clean with the prevention of any germs and her dogs were so sweet, friendly and loving. She sent us pictures and live videos on our pup under her care. And when we picked her up she had her first haircut, was chipped and first round of shots. She sent us home with a puppy pack and the next day we got a report from our vet of a very healthy, good temperament puppy. Anyone looking for a Schnauzer puppy would not be disappointed with Britney or her beautiful puppies. When our Lexie May needs a playmate we will be contacting Britney again.

The Burbrink's

Brittany has been so great to work with during my process of finding a new fur baby. Brittany always responds to my questions quickly, sends videos and live links so I can see her home, keeps her website up to date with the latest on the litters and where she raises the puppies. Brittany is well versed with the Schnauzer breed and is great to work with! She loves these puppies and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality Schnauzer puppy. Love The Burbrink's

From The Soltes

We recently purchased a baby boy, black and silver schnauzer from Brittany and couldn't have been more impressed or please with the whole process. Brittany is professional, friendly and we couldn't have had a better experience with her. She clearly takes pride in her pets, and the babies she breeds. When we picked up our precious little one I respected the time she took to walk us through all his paperwork to include shot records, AKC, and microchip information. I was very impressed with all the puppy goods she provides to new owners, in my opinion, it speaks to her love for her animals and what she does but more importantly, her concern for ensuring new owners are well prepared to take their new baby home. I highly recommend her and believe anyone who purchases a schnauzer from her wouldn't regret it! Thank you, Brittany, for our little boy, he is such an awesome addition to our family.

The Cox Family

Brittany Price, SoCal Schnauzer owner, really is what you see here in other reviews. She is a very knowledgeable breeder and has a special relationship with all of her dogs. Brittany was very helpful from the get-go and has continued that relationship even though I have brought my little puppy home. I have no doubt that I can call her for advice at any point and she will continue to be one of the most responsible, friendly and helpful breeders I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend SoCal Schnauzers for your next fur-baby! Thank you, Brittany!

The Hostetler's

We brought our puppy home today after working with Brittany since last Sept! I found her through a google search and reached out to her after being impressed with her very informative website. She doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to any details! She doesn’t leave anything out! She is honest, warm and available all the time! Communication has been stellar the whole time as well as lots of pics and videos so you can you enjoy this journey along the way! We have had so much fun getting to see our puppy grow as she made us a part of it along the way! She loves these puppies like her own and we could clearly see that when we did a home visit at 6 weeks... it was schnauzer heaven and you could see how well loved all these doggies were. It was very heart warming! Brittany has shared lots of knowledge and tips with us. She has made herself available this whole time and I have no doubt that if I need something she will be my first contact! We have four schnauzers now so we are showering all of them with love. When we choose to add another fur baby Brittany will be my go to for sure! Thx so much for everything! Bailey is already settling in her new home!

I am Proud to Announce that we are part of AKC's bread with H.E.A.R.T. Program. We are required to do testing and are inspected every 1-2 years. We have many certificates for completing educational classes. Also, my vet inspected our facility and rated us in the top 2% for cleanliness, safety, and overall how we run our business.

Screen Shot 2023-06-17 at 2.00.26 PM

Badges Awarded by AKC